Kevin Sooty Welsh


Born in Coonamble and removed from his family as a young boy, Sooty has recently returned to country. Since returning, he has connected with family and his Wailwan roots. The Wailwan were mark makers and tree carvers, the latter being made for spiritual and ceremonial purposes. 


Sooty's works reference his heritage and ancient Wailwan country stories. His creativity and passion for his culture and arts started very early in life and he is dedicated to exploring his cultural identity through painting, ceramics, woodwork and photography. 


Exhibitions: Outback Arts Gallery 2015 & 2016, Kerrie Lowe Gallery 2014.

Residencies: Jam Factory, Adelaide 2017.

Awards: Orana Arts Indigenous Art Prize, Highly Commended at Art Unlimited Exhibition, Dunedoo. 

Stockists: Boomalli, Mink + Me, Coonamble, Outback Arts Gallery Coonamble, Ininti, Alice Springs.