Jessica Birk


Jessica Birk was born on the Northern Beaches of Sydney where she still lives and works. Birk is a proud descendant of the Yaegl people from the Northern Rivers of NSW, The Clarence Valley.


Birk has a strong connection to both Northern Sydney and the Northern Rivers areas of New South Wales. Her work focuses on these areas and aims to articulate her feelings of belonging that are tied to these places. Having grown up on the Northern Beaches, Birk has grown to know and respect the area over time and her connection to the Northern Rivers was forged at birth through her mother's family, a legacy and gift given to her as a descendant of that land.


The imagery Birk uses serves as a metaphor for the strength and enduring quality of the ancestral presence within the landscape. She says "By doing so I want to show that in order to tap into this collective wisdom and knowledge of the land you need to learn to love and look after it as a living entity. A landscape becomes intrinsically more literal through a 'holistic' representation of a landscape and thus includes its aesthetic qualities, it's colours, textures and representational forms, but also it's past, it's stories, it's present and it's future."