Jasmine Coe


Wiradjuri, Currently based in London, UK


Being raised in England and growing up in London and being of both Aboriginal and English descent, I have always struggled with self-identity, unsure of where to place myself. Having previously studied portraiture and having an interest in others, this new work explores my own identity.


At this stage of my life, having come to Australia in 2016 to meet my father and family, my work focuses on harmonising the internal conflicts of both lines of my heritage. I understand and acknowledge the history and suffering of these two cultures when they first met. But rather in an attempt to let it manifest itself internally, I choose to celebrate life, as without both of these cultures I would not be here. I celebrate this by focusing on the beauty of the natural Australian elements, something I have only just connected with. By painting, I am recording it as my personal journey of discovery.


Once I feel I have resolved these internal conflicts, I would like to take up portraiture once more and begin to look at how I see myself as a complete and self-assured Wiradjuri/English woman! My work is a part of my journey and it is very much a part of processing who I am.