Debra Beale




I am an emerging Aboriginal female artist stemming from the Gamilaraay/Wonnarua and Wiradjuri/Boonwurung/Palawa/Yorta Yorta nations across Australia. I was born in the Gadigal Country (Surry Hills) in 1964.


I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Honours at UNSW Art and Design, Paddington. I will be moving into my honours next year. 


My studio located in Warrimoo, formally known as 'Karabag' (Where Eagles Land), Australian Blue Mountains, Darug Nation. It is a place I can connect to my inner deep self. The eagle is my totem from both my tribes (Wonnarua and Boonwurung Country). 


I spent my childhood and adult days on Wiradjuri and Gadigal Country. I now live in Penrith, Darug Nation. I am passionate about bringing my Aboriginal art and culture to life using contemporary media and traditional themes through mediums such as fashion, sterling silver jewellery, Australian bush jewellery, paintings, sculpture, public sculpture installations, photography, ceramics, pottery, commercial textiles and furniture, textiles, eco printing, murals and mixed media. 


My connection to land, sea and sky is a spiritual connection. It is also a healing journey allowing me to express my lived experience through experimenting with sustainable and natural materials from our 'ngayi parri' (mother earth), Wonnarua language. My artwork draws attention to the local environment, which depicts a narrative of song, dance, art and rituals. This is evident with earthly colours which are embedded into all my work. Gathering natural materials from the earth has always been a form of meditation for me. this process allows me to connect with the land and my inner deep self. Each step I take is a process of gathering my thoughts in regard to everyday life. This allows me to walk on my healing yawa (journey) speaking with my ancestor and asking for guidance, (Boonwurung language).